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Taisho Lamb Pot (大将),Bandar Manjalara, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur

This shop caught my attention after seeing an advertisement at my Facebook page. It says winter is coming soon, time to enjoy the lamp hotpot. It reminds me of my trip to China during cold days, this would be 1 of my favorite dish. They are using the traditional stove with charcoal, I would say this is quite rare in Kuala Lumpur.

The pot comes with very thick herbal soup filled with lamb ribs, tauhupok (Fried bean curd) and some vegetables .

I ordered the set meal where it comes with the lamp pot as shown above, a box of lamb slices. You may also add on other side dishes if you think it is insufficient. They also serve pork, noodles, rice, cockles etc... For me, I find the barbecued cockles is so irresistible!

The shop is quite popular, i arrived 6pm and the shop is already full with people. You may proceed to their website to make reservation. The shop capacity is very limited, you may need to book super advance as the quota for online registration is only 50%, the rest of the 50% is reserved for walk in customer.

Price wise I would say it is quite reasonable as the portion is quite generous and lamb is quite expensive nowadays. I paid RM114 for the RM99 set which comes with the lamp pot, 1 box of lamb slices, a plate of vegetables, rice noodle and also 2 bottles of beer. The additional was for the bbq cockles.

The food is nice, but, the dining experience is not as good. They arranged the table along the corridor and also the public carpark space, I am totally fine with it, however, having a hot pot like this, I prefer to sit at a place where at least there is a fan but preferably air-conditioned. After the meal, my t-shirt are all sweat...

You may goto their Facebook page for more information:


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