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Sin Hai Cheng (新海珍卤鸭)Teochew style Dark Sauce Duck (since 1983), Skudai, Johor

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

This is a MUST whenever I come visit Johor Bahru. This is a traditional Teochew dish where the duck is cooked inside a big pot of dark sauce with lots of herbs inside. Look at the color of the duck, the flavor of the herbs are locked inside the meat, it is really marvellicious.

You may also go with rice or noodles. The dried flat noodle would be my personal preference, it is so irresistible, there goes my diet.

Other than the duck, they also offer other dishes, the above would be something exotic, try it and you will love it. The first photo would be pork skin, tauhu (beancurd) and also eggs. Followed by the beancurd skin (Fu zhok), and otak otak.

You may goto their facebook page at:

You may also find the shop at:

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