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Sg Lembing 林明山, Pahang

This is a small town located at Pahang, approximately 3 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. This small town was founded in 1900s because of rich tin mine here. But right now, there isn't tin mines activities anymore, however, it has become a place which you could travel to get close to the nature. My honest opinion, this place is suitable for people whom like outdoor activities, not really for foodie.

We heard the tree on the left is called Askpuha, the oldest tree planted at Sg Lembing main street.

Along the main street, there are restaurants and shop, and also my favorite breakfast place, the market. The market do serve many local delicacies which you are familiar with i.e curry mee, chu cheong fun, yong tauhu and more. But try to be early as there will be many tourists especially during weekends.

Important note: Please remember to pump your petrol and also cash out some cash before entering Sg Lembing as there is no petrol station and also ATM within the town. The nearest petrol station would be around 20km from Sg Lembing.

I came to this place to visit a few places, they are the rainbow waterfall, bukit panorama, mines, museum and also the hanging bridge Kolong Pahat. We rented an Airbnb named Green Peace in the town, price is reasonable and clean. The owner is also very friend.

This is the place I stayed for 3 days 2 nights. Other than the typical rooms, they also offer the proper outdoor tent for those people whom want to experience of sleeping outdoor.


After check in to the Airbnb, we decided to go to the tin mines and also museum.

That was the first time entering a tin mines. The entrance fee is RM16 for adults and RM8 for children. They sent us into the mines using an old and rusty train, the journey is less than 10 minutes, upon reaching the entrance of the mines, we will need to get down from the train then walk inside to explore the place. Along the side of the mines, it explains the history of tin mines history i.e who's the founder, how did they discover the place etc... at certain area, they even have mannequin inside the tunnel wearing the exact clothing and holding the tools to show how was it like during the old days. The place is wet and there are also water dripping, it gave me a kind of mystical feeling while walking inside. It took us approximately 20 minutes to complete the journey.

If you ask me whether worth your time going there, I would say yes. You don't really spend much time there, and I would say I like the experience.

Then I went to the museum, so sorry that I do not have any photo of the museum as I don't really have much interest on this subject. The museum focus very much on the history of the tin mines, they display the equipment used, the end product, the photos of the managers etc... For me, it's not my cup of tea.

Next day morning, we booked a 4x4 tour to visit 2 places. The transport picked us up approximately 5.30am, then send us to the market for breakfast. After a quick breakfast, we started the journey to the first point of interest The Panorama hill. The journey took about 30 minutes, the above photos were taken there. The 4x4 stopped there for about 20 minutes for us to take some nice photos. But too bad, it was too foggy where we are unable to catch the sunrise.

Then, we continued the journey to the 1 I've been waiting for, the rainbow water fall.

Isn't it awesome? The hike was around 40 minutes to arrive the waterfall, the place is super crowded, I have to wait for the crowd to disperse in order to get this shot (with minor editing to remove a few tiny people too). Upon arriving, I was amazed of what was in front of my eyes, the view is incredible.

Please wear something comfortable to hike, try not to hold anything on your hands as you will need to hold on to a rope on certain part of the climb with both your hands to support your body. I would suggest to bring a drybag/ backpack + some clothes if you would want to go into the water, upon arriving at the waterfall, you will get wet as the water from the waterfall will splash and create mist at the area.

Last but not least, we visited the popular hanging bridge Kolong Pahat.

What's across the bridge? Basically a few shops selling some local food. The most popular would be the hand made noodles then cook it back at home. Next to the noodle shop, you may taste a very dessert tauhufa 豆腐花, this dessert is made using soy bean and also using cool and natural water from the mountain.


That wraps up our 3 days 2 night, this is a very relaxing trip as there isn't much of traffic, noises, people are friendly here. I would say definitely a good place for a short family trip for good bonding. Hope you enjoy the place like I do!

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