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Sweet memories at Phuket, Thailand

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

For my mum's 2018 birthday, 3 of us decided to give her a big surprise. The plan was to cheat her that I (alone) will be bringing her for a birthday trip. On the departure day, my siblings flew in from outstation then surprised her in the airport, look at her overjoyed face!

We are from the Goh Family, our family members are very close to each other following our late father's teaching, always support each other irregardless whether it is good or bad times. The T shirt we were wearing was designed by my sister, "We Are Family"

Why Phuket? This place have so much good food, from wide selections of street food, fresh seafood, mango sticky rice, spicy tomyum to exotic insect snacks... Price are quite reasonable, but, remember to do your price check to get the best deals!

Other than the good food, what else can you do? Just walk along the street to do some tour packages survey, pick the one you preferred, then, the so called "Tuk Tuk" will bring you to the destinations. Tuk Tuk is the most commonly used public transportation in Thailand, it is cheap and convenient. The above photo is a bigger version of Tuk Tuk, they were converted from a minivan, there is also a smaller version of it, you will be able to see it from any corners around Phuket.

We chose something adventurous, starting with the white water rafting, this is really fun where the person controlling the raft really made this short adventure more fun, they used the paddle to splash water on other people on other rafts, whole adventure was filled with laughters. Within the water rafting area, they also have flying fox, you may try to. Wanna try to be James Bond 007? There is also a shooting range where you could try out the real guns!

After that, we went to the mini zoo where they have elephant shows, monkey shows, elephant ride. I would say they trained the animals very well (so much better than my country) as they are able to do many tricks i.e playing football, hula hoop, even will go forward towards the audience to ask for tips.

How did we end the day? Definitely is to the famous Bangla Street. This street is the most famous place for food, drinks and night entertainment. Uncountable bars and restaurants, if you are up for a beer, trust me, the price is super cheap around 40 baht to 100 baht. Please check out the video I made for this trip!

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