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Park-In Subang Jaya (停车吃饭中心)

Found quite a cozy place to hang out. Looking at the photos, you will know this was actually converted from a factory to a bar and restaurant. This place is located at a factory area in Subang. I shall share the location at the end of the post.

Food wise, I would say the dishes are really presentable. It makes you want to order more. Since this is a drinking place, the food goes well with the alcohol. So far, me and my friends ordered 4 items as shown above.

1) The lamb pizza (my rating: 7 out of 10). This pizza is a bomb, crust is crunchy with generous melted cheese, lamb and chili padi, onions, you might want to take the chili padi out.

2) Combination platter (my rating: 7 out of 10). This combination has pork belly, fries, popcorn chicken, luncheon meat, smoked duck and also also fresh vegetables at the side. Everything is good especially the roasted pork taste great (except I prefer the fatter belly) and smoked duck. The fries is a little too soggy and the luncheon meat cue is too small and hard. After having so much meat, the vegetables will freshen your taste buds again. You can also see there is century egg, we ordered this separately, this also taste good. I would say this combination is very good to go with the beer.

3) Pork lard + fried wantan skin + roasted pork pizza (my rating: 6 out of 10). I just find the flavour is lighter than the earlier 2 dishes. Maybe because the earlier 2 dishes are heavier taste which make this dish taste so light.

4) 辣子鸡 (Spicy chicken) (my rating: 5 out of 10). Chicken is crispy but I think the flavoring could be heavier as I always have the same dish in the chinese restaurant, I think there are rooms for improvements. Please don't get me wrong, they are not bad, try it out yourself.

Next, let's have a look at the drinks.

The cocktail is really fancy. I think people will come here to try it and to take photos. The glass or cup they used are kinda old school and we like that. We tried the above 4, out of the 4, we think Sangria was the best. As for the rest of the cocktail, we don't really like the taste, again, that's my friend's and my preference. I think they are very mild. After tested their cocktails, we fall back to the forever favorite "beer"。

We also took some photos of the menu. The menus are nicely designed and well organized.

On overall, will I go back to to place? Yes, I think the place is quite cozy, spacious. They even have small rooms (custom room) at the second floor. Should you need to have your own private session, you may also book the big room where the minimum spending is RM1,500. Inside has their private bar and also karaoke.

Food is decent, drinks are average. But I think it is a good hangout place.

You my visit the place following below google map link

Their facebook page is at

They are open from 12pm onwards. You may contact +6010- 3636 277.


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