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My first sky dive experience (New Zealand, Wanaka, 2018)

After the bungee jump in Macau, what's next? Next on my list was sky diving and also camper van experience.

Comparing to bungee jump, I would say the experience is totally different.

Was super excited on this and I would say it was worth my time and money to go for this, right choice.

I selected the 12,000 feet which had about 45 seconds free fall. I also took up the videography in order to record the happy moments. I didn't expect the camera started rolling even during preparations, even a short interview with me why do I want to do sky dive.

This is such a big difference with bungee jump, during the free fall, the feeling was so extraordinary, looking at the nice scenery above 12,000ft, flying like a bird, it's so hard to describe the feeling. Too bad, there isn't a good place to learn sky dive in Malaysia, else I would've pursued.

Have a look at the video, enjoy!

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