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My Camera, Sony A7Riii

I developed the interest on photography back in 2013, started with Nikon d60 (APSC), followed by Nikon d7000 (APSC), within a year, I changed to Olympus OMD EM-10 Mark 1 (Mirrorless). Those changes where made within a short period of 2 years, why?

Picking up photography as a hobby is basically similar to many other hobbies, the more you are into it, the more you are more particular with the outcome, for photography, the quality of the photos, the weight of the camera, the dynamic range, the megapixels, flexibility, ability to customise based on your shooting style etc... It is an addiction that i am umable to control.... Starting with upgrading camera, lens, tripod, filters, flash and the lists go on and on... I would say all the above are all good cameras, but, the temptations after looking at the photos, videos produced by others, there goes my savings....

The reason I changed to Olympus OMD-EM10 was because of the size, and that was the "IN" thing at that point of time, the mirrorless camera, faster speed, smaller in size. After using it for 2 months, I still find that I prefer Nikon as I am used to the menu navigation, and also, the experience of holding a Nikon vs Olympus. No doubt Nikon is much larger in size, but I have to admit, I felt better at holding a bigger camera... I don't know why...

After I came back from my Japan trip, I decided to go back to Nikon. Guess, which 1 did 1 get? From APS-C to Mirrorless, then full frame it is. After tones of survey and recommendations from my friends, I decided to get Nikon D750. During the demo at the shop, I was convinced within 10 mins after looking at the photos produced by the camera, I fell in love with it immediately.

Nikon D750 followed me for 2 years and definitely helped me to capture many beautiful moments. Just before I went to Japan in 2018, my regular camera shop called me up to have a chat, during the conversation, we were just sharing our photography journey with each others and started talking about cameras. He told me that Sony has become the leader in the market where they are 1 of the earliest to produce a full frame mirrorless camera! It caught my attention as Sony is never the name in my camera dictionary! After the call, I started surveying reviews on Sony cameras, coincidently, my friend bought a Sony camera A6000 and produced nice photos. I was asking myself, is it time to change?

During the weekend, I decided to stop by my regular camera shop to have a look. Whenever they saw me entering, they started having that evil smile... they knew I will buy something, but just not sure what. I went to the counter then spoke to Calvin, "I want to have a look at Sony A7Riii". They took a demo unit out then pair it with a "G Master" lens 24-70mm. The first experience with it is that the size of the overall settings don't seem small after pairing with the zoom lens, however, I felt the weight is slightly lighter than my existing Nikon settings.

To make it short and straight forward, I asked Calvin to explain the differences between my Nikon vs Sony:

1) 200g Lighter (camera body)

2) Faster shutter speed

3) Wider Dynamic Range

4) Better ISO range

5) Bigger megapixels (doubled)

6) Come with Electronic View Finder (EVF)

7) More ports,

8) With more stable app and wifi

Last but not least, super mega discounts for me

After 1 week of considerations, I decided to trade in my Nikon system to upgrade to Sony. So far, I am still satisfy with my journey with Sony A7Riii. I will be sharing more of my gears I've accumulated over the years within the blog, stay tuned.

Sony already released a few more newer versions of camera but I still don't have the urge to switch as I think my gear is still good (Unless Sony would like to sponsor me). Those newer versions are A7Riv, A7c, A7iv.

I will share my photos within the blog, below would be a reference for anyone interested to know more about A7Riii. Stay tuned on my sharing!

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