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My Bungee jump experience (2017, Macau tower)

Every year, I'll find something interesting and challenging to accomplish. In 2016, I finally completed my full Ironman race after 4 years of training. To complete an ironman race, we have to clock in many hours of training everyday. Other than work and meal time, it's always training, There are 2 quotes which describe people training for Ironman which I totally agree

1) "It's not triathlon, it's life"

2) "If you still have a girlfriend, you ain't training hard enough"

In 2017, I decided to set a new goal, 1st on my list was the bungee jump. I had my first attempt at an outdoor theme park Sunway Lagoon. It was only 22 meters, if you ask me whether it is easy, I would say it wasn't easy even though it's not very high up. Why do I say so?

Even if you know you legs are tied on to a bungee rope which is few times of your weight, even if you know down there is just a lake, just water, trust me, it is not easy at all. Standing on the edge of the platform looking down, it's so scary. That's not the hardest yet though. The most challenging part would be having the courage to "Jump". From that moment onwards, I understood the feeling of people suiciding by jumping off the buildings, something really bad must have happened and there is no turning back for them. To take the first step to jump, you must have lotsa courage inside you!

Maybe you would ask me, why Macau? Because it is the highest bungee jump on earth! After the first attempt of 22 meters, I told myself, don't waste anymore time, just go for the highest! Have a look at my video below!

Any difference of jumping off 22m vs 233m? Definitely there is, it's so much higher and the so many people watching at you! I booked a 6pm session, but when it's my turn, it's already 9pm, sky already turned dark which was quite disappointing. While standing on the platform, it was so cold as wind was strong, the encouraging thing would be the Macau night view, and also the peacefulness. The moment the facilitator gave me a green light, I jumped off the platform without hesitation. I would say from the moment I jumped off the platform until I landed, the experience is not much of a difference with the 22m. The adrenaline was only less than 5 seconds and everything happened so fast!

Hehehe, 233m bungee jump achievement unlocked!

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