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Mandy's Delight (好仪记), Bandar Sri Damansara, Must Try!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Hi all, this is a restaurant which I highly recommended. The story behind the creation of the brand is really inspiring. This shop is owned by a friend of mind, knew him while I was pursuing Ironman race 5-6 years ago. Let me share a little on the story.

As we know the covid 19 situation isn't getting any better and we are not sure what will happen in the near future. Many businesses closed down due to the conditional movement control and people are not allowed to eat out, travel around. (hope things gets better and back to normal soon.

My friend CK owned a maid agency, as no foreign workers are allowed to enter Malaysia, this is indeed a big hit to his business. Instead of sitting in his problem and complaining about the situation, he started with a bento delivery business during the first CMCO delivery. He started selling nasi lemak, Hainanese chicken rice, dessert etc.

He would post the photos of his products on his Facebook everyday, the photos look so good, so, I decided to support him as a friend, I ordered for my family and for myself.

My expectations on his food was so high as I know he is a person whom enjoy and appreciate good food. Guess what, I was super disappointed with the food. Upon delivery, I realised the food was already cold. To be frank, the marinate of the fried chicken was good (even it's already cold), sambal is ok, rice taste ok too.

As a friend, I decided to give him a feedback on his food so he would improve the food quality. He replied and took it positively. He still continued to send me his products through whatsapp and also promotion which I find he really has the Ironman spirit, not giving up easily.

This is the man behind the scene, my friend CK. Very positive, friendly and definitely a fighter. Kudos to his new business venture during this tough time (实时造英雄)。

Ok, enough on the story, let's have a look at what Mandy's Kitchen has to offer.

Disclaimer: I didn't post it here because CK is my friend, other than the inspiring story, I would say the food is really good. People whom know me well knows I am a very particular with food quality, so, trust me, it will not disappoint you.

Are you one of Stephen Chow's (周星驰) fans? If yes, you would think the name of the 1st recommended dish's name is very familiar. This is the Char Siew rice (叉烧饭), but, he the name he used is so attractive, 黯然销魂饭. In english, it means you will get so high after having the food!

The above combination is highly recommended. To try out whether the chef is good, just order this. This is a 2 in 1 combination with roast pork belly (烧肉)and also char siew (叉烧), they were roasted to the perfection. Meat is tender, sauce is delicious, and they are served hot as the turnover is so fast where the shop is always full house!

CK also highly recommends the special made noodle. On the top of photo would be the normal wantan noodle. The 1 below "竹升面" would be the noodle specially made by CK.

The texture of the noodle compared to the normal wantan mee is indeed different. Other than the size of the noodle is thicker, the taste (口感)of it is also different. It is so hard to describe the feeling. It is a little chewy, it is just nice where it is not too tough nor too soft. You should try it yourself then you tell me.

What else do they have? Curry mee, hainanese chicken chop, dried curry pork ribs noodles and many more! Lazy to drive to the shop, they are also on Food Panda and Grab Food now. Craving for some quality yet not too expensive, this is the place you should go to.

You may use the google map/ waze link to find this restaurant. Enjoy the food!

Use Waze to drive to 好儀記 Mandy's Delight:

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