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Kulai Putuo Village 古来普陀村

There is a "Hidden GEM" in a small town at Kulai (古来), Johor state. A small yet scenic place where you can do your prayers and also get some nice photoshoot at the same time! The place is called Putuo Village 普陀村。

This is the map to guide you around, in case you got lost.... hahaha

There is a very beautiful Guan Yin Goddess "千手观音“ inside the temple, you may enter the temple to do your prayers.

Look at the tree with such unique decorations, guess what, they are the wishing trees (许愿树)! Do you have any unfulfilled wish? Write it on the red color band then hang it on the tree, pray sincerely and maybe your wish will come true!

These are some of the shots taken on that day, this place became a place where local people will come here to take nice pictures. We even met a couple taking their wedding photos there too!

Along the corridor, there are many big bells place at the at the side. According to the notice board, just walk along the pathway, spin the bell "clockwise", then, chant "Om Mani Padme Hum", people believe the Buddha will bless them to achieve the best in everything.

Last but not least, you may also stop by at this cozy "Fat Bamboo" cafe to get your coffee and dessert fix.

Below would be the location to get here, you may use Waze of Google map to reach there, enjoy!

Use Waze to drive to Putuo Village:

Google Map:

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