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Hidden Gem in Jinjiang Food Court (增江美食中心)

Big Ear Boy Noodle Stall (大耳仔面档)

Every Sunday, I will face 1 dilemma, what to have for breakfast... Do you have the same problem? Why is it only happens on Sunday, well, I think the next day I am going back to work, so, must make sure I have a great Sunday, what's the best thing to start my Sunday, definitely an "orgasmic" breakfast.. hahaha

We have so many choices for breakfast in Malaysia. We have have char kuey tiaw, pork noodle, chu cheong fun, curry mee, loh mee, wantan mee etc... Really, too hard to choose. Guess what, Veena suggested to bring me to a place I haven't been before, it is deep inside JinJiang (增江), I haven't really been to this place in my entire life, since it's nearby our house, why not!

Veena said the last time she had this special dish was 6-7 years ago, not sure whether the stall is still around. In fact, I don't really have high hope on this food hunt as many shops or stalls were closed down due to the covid situation. It took us quite a while to find the place as she couldn't remember the name of the place not stall name, all she could remember is that the place is near the Jinjiang detention centre.

She told me this should be something I like, it's the combination of curry mee and loh mee... imagine... Combining the below 2....

Tada..... there it goes, I shall present to you the curry loh mee!

Half curry and half loh mee... hmm, I was quite skeptical by looking at the bowl... would it be nice... It's been a while I had food served with minced pork egg, this is very old school way to serve the egg, + point. As I started mixing everything, guess what, started to discover the "gems" within the bowl!

Loh mee was self made by the store decent texture without the ”kan shui mei" (碱水味), it was served with pigs blood, fried pig skins, prawns, pork and intestines! Portion is very generous, if you are a small eater, I suggest to share this with another person.

It wasn't really spicy, it was just nice for everyone and also fragrance. The combination of this dish really surprised me, thumbs up!

The cook also recommended us another dish which is the fried potato flour noodle.

I would say this dish is nothing fantastic, just another stir fried noodle like Hokkien Mee, the only plus point is that it was fried with pork lard.

Since 2 of us are not really big eater, we could only order 2 dishes. We will definitely come back for more! Some other recommended dishes are such as peanut pork knuckles port (花生猪脚煲),claypot free range chicken (瓦煲菜园鸡) and more. Try it out then let us know what do you think about this store!

Business Hour: 7.30am - 3.30pm every day (Tuesday Off)


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