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Amazing device, Insta360 OneX

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

I would say the creation of this camera is revolutionary. Guess what's the capability? Just stand where you are, hold the camera up, it will shoot a still or video 360°! isn't it incredible!

This version I have is already 2-year old. They have just released the latest version Insta360 OneX 2. I am really tempted whether to get it, hmm.....

On the left, the it looks like a normal selfie stick, it isn't. When you mount the 360 camera on it (only for Insta360), your footage won't show the stick and camera, I will show you in the photos I took later.

In the middle is the 360 camera itself, simple, light weight, and both side has 180°, that makes up to 360°, upon shooting, it will stich your footage to become 360°.

On the right is the dive case. It allows you to bring it down to the water while diving (30m), I also mount this camera on my windsurfing equipment.

The stick in front would be the so called "bullet time", it works as a tripod and also allow you to make special effects by attaching the invisible selfie stick, making it to rotate. Let's have a look at some of the footage I took.

(Please feel free to change the angle or move the photo around, you may zoom in/ out, rotate 360°, also change the effect by clicking the word "Fisheye" to others)

While waiting for my friend to arrive, I went to the 3D museum alone, this is the best time to use 360 camera as you do not need anyone to take photo for you, just hold the camera in any angle, it will do the rest like the above photo, can you guess where is the camera? It's in my hand, it's invisible!

Now, let's have a look at a 360° video. This video is unedited, it was shot on 5.7k (very high resolution).

Move and drag your mouse around to play around!

The above are all unedited. Let's see some of the edited photos.

Aren't this photos nice and cute!

There are more things you could do with this and you may edit your footage using the mobile app, it is super friendly. To learn more about this, I personally follow this pro 360° camera influencer in YouTube. His name is Ben Claremont, I would say he did very good review and also many tips and tricks using the camera. Trust me, this is a device worth investing in. Have fun!

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