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A day at Kuala Lumpur Bird Park (July 2020)

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Since we are stranded in Malaysia, Veena and I decided to drive to town for a good breakfast then visit the bird park. What is the good breakfast?

This is the famous Tanglin nasi lemak. It took us to queue for approximately 30 minutes to get 2 packets of nasi lemak!

I remembered 1 of my friend told me this is the best nasi lemak, hmm, I think this is not bad but I wouldn't rank them number 1, I've had better.

I would say the options on the dishes are really enticing, they have sotong, beef rendang, cockles, beef lungs etc...

Kl Bird Park is located in the serene and scenic Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens, it is only 10 minutes drive away from the city centre of Kuala Lumpur. It is home to more than 3,000 local and foreign birds of approximately 200 different species.

Sprawling approximately 20.9 acres of verdant valley terrain, the park is divided into 4 zones; Zone 1 and 2 make up the free-flight zone; Zone 3 is the Hornbill Park and Zone 4 is where the birds are placed in separate cages and mini aviaries.

One of KL Bird Park's most extraordinary feature is that in Zone 1, 2 and 3, birds are let free in the aviary which closely resembles their natural habitat. With this free-flight concept, birds are able to breed naturally in this unique environment.

Kl Bird Park Map

Not sure where to go during the weekends, you may consider to visit this place after the CMCO, I think was worth my time and definitely a good place for family bonding. Check out the phots I took there! Try to bring a zoom lens in order to take close up photos as majority of them are quite far from you. All the photos were taken with my Tamron 70-180mm F2.8. Enjoy!

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