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Welcome to A Beautiful Life, my very own passion project filled the beautiful people, things, food, places that made up my life. Perhaps A Beautiful Life will ignite your own passions as well.

- Jay Vin -

I am just a normal person that has a 9am-5pm job. What made me to write this blog? I must rewind it back to 2013. I used to work so hard where I hardly reward myself, to travel to see the world, to learn new skills or spending enough time with my love ones. Right until something terrible happened to my late father, I started realizing life is so "vulnerable" and there is more to life.

After the terrible incident, I quitted my job then started a small business ventures with a few friends where I will have more time with my love ones, and also pursue the things which I never thought I have a chance to do it.  With the time flexibility, you could choose your own adventure anytime, anywhere. 

What did I do back then? Well, first thing first, to fulfill my bucket list, I must be physically fit. I started joining bootcamp and also started my triathlon journey. The journey wasn't easy, I trained day and night on all the disciplines (Swim Bike and Run). Started having healthier lifestyle. I am proud that I completed many 70.3 Ironman races and completed my first full Ironman race in 2016 December in Western Australia.

I travelled extensively to many places I never been before i.e Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, China, Singapore,  Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau. It made me realized that my country Malaysia is a nice country and I am quite fortunate to be born and bred in Malaysia. On top of that, made me learned different cultures, beautiful people, delicious food, beautiful places outside of Malaysia. I must also thank the last minute travel deals really helped me a lot in travelling to so many places at cheaper cost. So much sweet memories were recorded during the past travelling.

Other than training for triathlon and also travelling, I also had few interesting adventures long the journey. I did the world highest bungee jump at Macau Tower, Sky Diving at Wanaka, cliff jumping at Indonesia, first camper van travel in New Zealand too. On top of that, I managed to get certified as an advanced diver which I think it made me a more calm person. I also picked up photography as my long term hobby and started joining photography fan club. Also not forgetting doing some food charity to give back to the society.

All the above had a big impact to my life. It has written a more beautiful and colourful chapters in my life, and I will continue to live a more interesting and colourful life. I hope to share the good things happening in my life and also to record all the sweet and good memories which had accompanied me throughout my journey.

I hope you will enjoy my sharing here.

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